This policy is a basic package to allow UK domiciled craft traders to trade at markets and the like (festivals, inshops, exhibitions) anywhere within Europe and partyplanning in the UK. The policy covers Public and Products Liability at £5,000,000 and Employer’s Liability at £10,000,000 (or statutory limit in respect of Terrorism or Asbestosis). This policy is not suitable for any craft traders that have online or wholesale turnovers of greater than £25,000 or offer services such as delivery or installation.

As well as having an inhouse facility for the above, we also place business that doesn’t fit the above criteria with various other insurers, should you require higher limits or other specific requirements.

We can also offer the above policy with £10,000,000 with the 3 Liability covers at £10,000,000 and forms and paperwork for this are also available below.

Before you go on cover you should please complete the proposal form and read the other files.

Proposal Form – We require this completing before we can place new business on cover. It contains most the questions we are likely to require in order to provide a quote and place cover on your behalf.

CS ProposalCraftsinsure Starter Proposal Form for £5m PL and Demands and Needs Statement

cs prop £10mCraftsinsure Starter Proposal Form £10m PL

CD TeachersCraftsinsure Starter for Teacher Proposal Form

Demands & Needs Statement – A quick generic guide to the package and covers offered.

CST Demands & NeedsCraftsinsure Starter for Teachers Demands & Needs

Terms Of Business Agreement – This document outlines the terms under which we will conduct business with our clients, cancellation rights a rough list of services that will incur extra charges and details of the FSA, Financial Ombudsman and how to make a complaint. Unless agreed otherwise incepting cover for a policy through us infers that you have accepted our Terms of Business.

CS TOBA £5m 1.01.2014Craftsinsure Starter Terms of Business Agreement

CS TOBA £10m 1.01.2014Craftsinsure Starter Terms of Business Agreement £10m PL

CST TOBA & d&n 2014Craftsinsure Starter for Teachers Terms of Business Agreement

Terms and ConditionsTerms & Conditions – A quick list of key terms and conditions likely to apply under your policy. Also a list of most of the trades or circumstances we cannot cover under the policy.

Demands & Needs StatementCombined Liability Policy Summary

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